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Do's and Don't

Never hold the bags at the ends and allow it to bend.

Never drop the bags from head height as this weakens the paper sack substantially and may cause breakages later.

Bags should always be rolled over before lifting. This motion loosens the consolidated cement within the bag and reduces the possibility of bag splitting. In addition, this also allows for the underside of the bag to be checked for any damage prior to lifting, thereby avoiding further damage of the bag.

A filled bag of more than 20 Kg weight picked up incorrectly can place an excessive strain on the spine and could result in a back injury. Whenever possible, two workers should pick up a bag to prevent personal injury and damage to the bag.

Load the bags carefully onto the transport vehicle, making sure that they are covered (i.e. with a tarpaulin) and tied down securely. Always stack the bags in the same way (i.e. in alternate directions), even if the bags are not palletized

Remove any sharp objects from the vehicle that you will use to transport the bags so that the bags are not torn or damaged.

Never allow overlap on other bag, it tends to break in transit.
Always place tarpaulins in the bottoms and covering the sides of the truck to avoid the damages.

Hygroscopic products should always be stored in a dry place, protected from rain, moisture by an undamaged plastic sheet/tarpaulin and raised off the floor. For example cement absorbs moisture from the air therefore doors and windows should be kept closed.