1. Why should we use paper sacks? Won't the rampant tree-cuttings to produce papers and the used paper bags harm and litter our environment?

Papers used in our Sacks are made of cellulose fibers which are derived mainly from Pine, spruce trees. These trees are planted and grown in planned forestation manner and in many countries the norm is to plant 4 saplings per one tree felling; hence, the resources are made renewable. The paper sacks are biodegradable and compostable in nature. If a paper bag does end up as litter on land, in a stream, or in the ocean, the bag will decompose and pose no threat to wildlife and the environment. Paper bags are also ideal as a container to hold the compostable waste.

2. Are Paper sacks recyclable?

Yes, once discarded, they can be recycled, while plastic bags recycling is a difficult proposition or many factories don't accept them because they can clog machines and complicate the recycling process. You can even tear paper bags into small pieces and add them to your compost pile.

3. Plastic vs. Paper Sack, which is the best one?

Well, Plastic bags have a bad reputation and with good reason. It takes centuries for one to dissolve after ending up in a landfill, while paper decomposes much faster and easily. In fact, plastic bags do not biodegrade at all, so you would have to wait for UV rays to destroy it, which can take anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years or more.

The recent advent in oxo-biodegradable additive to produce green plastic has also become more of a subject of dispute amongst scientist groups because of 2 stage process of oxidation by sun-light in the open to break the polymer chains and followed by bio-digestion by bacteria in suitable aerobic or anaerobic environment; these are efforts to curtail the bio-degradation period to some extent but not without littering and contaminating the environment.

Please find below the chart showing Bio degradability for different products…

4. Are Paper Sacks cheaper?

The cheaper things are always not good and beneficial for the mankind and environment. Like all the goods and services the monetized value of the paper sacks are determined by the supply chain elements and respective Government rules and regulations. The paper sacks are worth more than their prices considering the aesthetic printing and brand-enhancing element, excellent stackability, moisture resistance, adulteration resistance, puff-proofness to arrest air-pollution during packing and handling, guaranteed net-weight of the filled product, easy recyclability to papers, biodegradability & compostability within short period (really do not require incineration, land-fill & ocean-dumping,- hence, avoid cost for such kind of activities while save the lives of flora & fauna, marine-life and the environment of the planet due to negligible air & water pollution and no soil deterioration), their raw materials i.e. papers are made from renewable source of cellulosic fibers (which are obtained from planned forest-grown specific trees, hence, renewable source unlike plastics derived through fractionating distillation of depleting fossil fuel).


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