Paper reels (nos depending on requirement of plies between 1 to 6) are fed into the Tubing M/C Line [block no: 1 to 8] with top ply printed online at the flexographic end-printer (upto 4 color) to produce packets of tubes which in turn moved to Bottoming M/C Line [block no: 9 to 16] for rotary-vacuum feeding one by one for end-openings, fold-creasing, adhesive application, valve (various types) incorporation at one of the corners and to finally obtain hexagonal bottom sacks in packet forms duly pressed for palletization. Further the pallets are cured naturally in covered but well-ventilated space before moving to the packing-secn.

The sacks are counted for required piece-denominations and wrapped with poly-film, paper-wrappers and finally tied with non-metallic straps on a semi-automatic packing line. These sack-bundles are transferred to the despatch-secn for subsequent desptaches (mainly by road).


Tube Making Process

Bottoming Process

Packing Process