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Do not employ sharp-edged or pointed objects / tools to handle the empty / filled sacks

Subject the empty sacks to proper conditioning atmosphere prior to the filling operations

Ensure conduciveness of process vis-à-vis product parameters and packing machine especially at the filling plant, conveying
       system, loader, truck / wagon bodies / surfaces to the use of sacks / bags

Do not drop bags on rough & uneven surfaces

Restrict number and height of drops to retain TEA in the filled bags for better end-user performance

Avoid corner, side & bottom drops of filled bags

Follow proper interlocking type flat layered stacking patterns inside the truck / wagon

Always stack flatly on pallets / racks under covered shade for air circulation beneath & FIFO usages

Special care should be taken to ensure non-toxic storage environment

Storage space should be adequately pest-controlled

Ambient condition of storage area should preferably be maintained at 23 degree C and 50% RH i.e. the area should not be
      too damp / highly humid, too hot and dry.