Electronic L&W type Tester:

This is electronic equipment (Computer - interfaced), tests, records Chronologically and prints the dry / wet Tensile strength, Elongation till break and Tensile Energy Absorption values.

Target Colour Comparator:

This one is portable electronic equipment (Computer – interfaced), compares the values of red vs. green, yellow vs. blue and white vs. black between the target colour of print-matter and corresponding produced colour of the printed material, records and prints results together-with standard deviation values.

Back Air Pressure Tester:

This apparatus injects dry air with certain / variable volume flow-rate & certain pressure through a spout into empty pasted valve paper bags and measures the back air pressures / pressure-drops to indicate mega Gurley porosity as well as the deaeration property during material packing.

Flat Drop Testing Machine:

With this machine product-filled paper bags are allowed for fall free and flat alternately on its front and back sides to impact on a rigid, horizontal flat surface from a height of 1.2 mtr. With each drop the bag-walls expand due to energy-absorption; no of drops till the bag bursts indicate the quality consistency of the bag-construction.


Back Air Pressure

Tensile Strength

Drop Testing of Bags